Les maisons des alpes | Le reve charmant

The Chambres d'Hotes Le Rêve Charmant is a compendium of charm, seduction, elegance and harmony in the very heart of Aosta's historical center. Its privileged location allows its guests to experience a direct contact with the vestige and the historical records that have become the symbol of the city: monuments, archaeological sites and museums are just a few minutes away.

The name "Aosta" comes precisely from the Latin expression the Romans used to refer to this city: Augusta Praetoria Salassorum. Founded by the Emperor Augustus in 25 b.C., Aosta is denominated "the second Roman city in the world" due to the importance and the majesty of its monuments, such as: Porta Praetoria, the impressive and majestic Roman Theater, the Forum – the religious, political and social core of the city – and the Cryptoporticus.

Other locations of great interest are certainly the monumental complex dedicated to St. Ursus, the Cathedral built even before the 13th century and the Émile Chanoux square, the city's parlor.

Besides offering stunning walks and pleasing – and, at the same time, instructive – visits to the city's museums like the Val d'Aosta Regional Archaeological Museum (MAR), the city also offers a lively pedestrian center, full of cafés and restaurants. It's also the perfect starting point for touristic itineraries through the Valley, to the discovery of its evocative castles, starting with the scenic Fenis castle.

Val d'Aosta is also the winter sports Heaven: a few kilometers away from Le Rêve Charmant you'll be able to discover the stunning location of Pila, reaching the ski lift facilities directly on foot. 520 kilometers of slope for alpine skiing, and numerous rings for Nordic skiing make of Pila THE place for winter sports!

Those who love nature, certainly won't miss the visit to the Gran Paradiso National Park, the most ancient national park in Italy, whose history is tightly intertwined with the safeguarding of its animal symbol: the ibex.

Don't miss the chance to stay at Le Rêve Charmant to discover the sport, naturalistic, historical and cultural offers that make of Val d'Aosta a coveted destination for tourists coming from the whole world!

In the rooms of Le Rêve Charmant – unique in their style and accurate particulars – it is possible to find the magic of the alpine tradition and the unexpected pleasure of an atmosphere of charm and harmony where luxury and simplicity come together. The six rooms are expressly thought and created to offer the best comfort and elegance and to transform every moment in wellness and serenity.

Noble materials, wood and stone: a stunning exaltation of the local architecture.

The intervention was marked by the privileged use of aged douglas fir coverages, 1st patina St. Moritz larch perlines, the floors are made of Mélèze Charmant larch and the suspended ceiling are made of antique larch were wax treated by our expert artisans and hand-carved.